You can now speak to your HomePod in French, German, and Canadian English


Apple announced today that the HomePod will be available for purchase in Canada, France and Germany from June 18. This means, the HomePod now understands French, German, and Canadian English, with Canadian French soon to follow.

Regardless of the region, all HomePod users will be able to speak to their HomePod in these new languages, following an update. All you need to do is switch the language in the settings. Go to the Home app, select your HomePod, Details and Language, and select one of the six languages available to you! Make sure you have opted for the latest update first. You HomePod should update automatically when you update your paired iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or you can install the update manually through settings on the Home app.

The new languages are part of the 11.4 software update for HomePod and Apple hints that Canadian French will be joining them later this year. However, while the HomePod will support Canadian English next month, and Apple claims it “has a deep knowledge of music”, it appears Siri does not yet work with music charts in Canada.

Which language would you most like HomePod to adopt next?

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