Can you trade in your Mac at an Apple Store? New scheme launches June 15.

If you’re considering upgrading your MacBook or iMac, you might want to trade in your old device at the same time to reduce the cost of the purchase and lower your carbon footprint.

Around the world, computer resellers and independent companies buy old MacBooks and iMacs to restore and resell to consumers on the second-hand market, and most of the time, you can get a good price for your preowned device.

A well-maintained iMac, for example, can fetch anywhere from $300 to $600 when resold on Facebook Marketplace, depending on condition and market demand – that’s a significant chunk of a new iMac right off the bat.

But when you resell to a company that specializes in buying second-hand devices, you’ll normally sacrifice at least 30% of your resale value.

After all, these companies need to make their commission and profit after spending time cleaning and restoring your used devices.

Worry no longer: there’s a new solution for trading in your old Mac. From next week, (June 15, 2020) Apple will launch a new trade-in program at its Apple Stores in the United States and Canada, allowing people to exchange their old Mac for a credit.

You can use that credit to cut the cost of your next Mac, iPad, or Apple device, or put the money on a gift voucher.

Although Apple has allowed consumers to trade in their Macs online for a number of years, this is the first time that in-store trade-ins will be offered, making it more convenient for you.

Apple already accepts iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch trade-ins in store, so it’s a great move that you’ll be able to go in with your MacBook or iMac and receive a credit voucher there and then.

No waiting for weeks for your device to be inspected; you’ll get an immediate decision.

The company reportedly wants to introduce the scheme to boost Mac sales, offering users an easier way to get credit for their old machine. Do you think you’ll end up buying your next Mac faster? Let us know your thoughts and check back soon for more news and rumors.

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