Gamers will know the frustration that comes with getting mercilessly beaten at a video game online, especially when you want to preserve things like online rank or a win streak. This leads to rage-quitting and then gets the other player frustrated because they were winning the match and now they’ve drawn by default.

Rage-quitting has always been a problem, but Capcom has decided that they’re sick of their players doing it in Street Fighter 5, which is why they’re now going to be taking steps to penalize those that leave games early.

Players who are known for frequently leaving games early will be branded with a badge to show other players that they’re quitters, and people who play a lot and barely ever rage-quit will be given a badge to show that they’re gracious in defeat.

This will keep sore-losers from matching up with the players who play by the rules and take the loss when they’ve been bested. This comes as a huge improvement over the game in its launch state, where players were given absolutely no penalties for leaving early.

Now if other online games could follow Capcom’s example we might start to create a much more positive online community.