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Advances in car technology at CES 2018

CES is perhaps the most highly anticipated technology event of the year, and it is set to take place this week. The event will be held in Las Vegas from 9th to 12th January and will yet again feature a number of groundbreaking announcements. Think self-driving cars, AI-powered robots, foldable phones and more.

Traditionally, Apple and Google do not make their biggest announcements at the CES event, however, Samsung, Sony, LG, Intel and more will all reveal some of their plans for the upcoming year. Here are some of the biggest and best advances in car technology that will be announced this year that you should know about.

Revolutionizing car technology

Perhaps the most talked about announcements of the event so far are those in car technology. Nissan, Byton, Fisker, Hyundai and more are all set to make announcements at this year’s events which could revolutionize our relationship with driving and make our roads far safer.

Nissan reading minds

Nissan has just revealed it’s new ‘brain-to-vehicle technology’ that really could save lives. Nissan has created an electroencephalography headset that will help drivers respond to dangerous situations on the road 0.2 to 0.5 seconds faster. This will be demonstrated via a driving simulator at CES 2018.

Byton challenging Tesla

Byton will be giving Tesla a run for its money with their new electric SUV. This vehicle will come complete with Alexa support as well as touchscreen technology. This will prevent drivers becoming distracted by using their mobile phones but instead allows them to use voice commands and hand gestures when driving to make calls, play music and more. This vehicle is set to launch in 2019 at a starting price of $45,000.

Hyundai’s hydrogen prototype

Hyundai’s new hydrogen-powered car is set to be launched at CES 2018. This new vehicle will be able to travel 500 miles on a single fill up and will release zero emissions as it will only emit water vapor. It is thought to have 30% higher energy density than Hyundai’s previous hydrogen-powered vehicle and will feature Autonomous Emergency Braking and Traffic Jam Assist.

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