CarPlay becoming increasingly important purchase factor for new car buyers

Apple CarPlay

A new survey has found that Apple’s CarPlay is becoming a pivotal purchase priority for new car buyers. Over the past few years, more and more car buyers have been interested in both Android Auto and CarPlay.

More carmakers are signing on board and as a result, buyers are beginning to prioritise this features when making their latest purchase. According to the survey by Strategy Analytics, in which they questioned 100 CarPlay users, 34% claimed they use the system for “all” of their use of media in-car, and 32% also claimed to use CarPlay for all of their navigation.

The results were compared against those of Android Auto to reveal very interesting results. 27% of Android Auto users claimed they use the system for media and 33% claimed they use it for navigation.

The report concludes that users use both CarPlay and Auto for their seamless integration with the car. Some users, however, are put off by the difficulty to use Siri or Google Assistant, or because of how difficult it is to navigate between functions.

“These consumers are showing lofty levels of satisfaction and are highly likely to recommend these systems to others. The most impressive finding is how many respondents would now be somewhat or very unlikely to consider a future vehicle without CarPlay or Android Auto. Typically we find that infotainment is far down the list of vehicle purchase priorities, but it appears that mirroring solutions could be changing this.”

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