CarPlay could let you pay for gas from your screen

Apple could let consumers pay for gas using their CarPlay device, according to a new report.

The Cupertino company has added support for fueling apps in iOS 16, and it’s thought that consumers could be able to buy gas from their vehicle’s dashboard when third-party companies begin to integrate with the software. It’s been reported that a number of oil companies are interested in making their apps work via CarPlay, which could be great news for everyday users.

A number of companies and automakers have experimented with the ability to pay for gas from your car before, but the idea has failed to take off. As Apple has done with Apple Pay and indeed CarPlay, taking the service mainstream could change the way we spend money forever.

According to Reuters, a number of gas pump chains in the United States have begun preparing for the new feature. It’s unknown how Apple will manage payments, and whether or not it will make gas companies use Apple Pay or allow them to bypass Apple’s typical commission rates.

The new CarPlay update will launch later this year, and also include support for parking apps, ordering food from your car, and electric vehicle charging stations. Are you looking forward to trying it out? Let us know and check back soon for the latest, right here at AppleMagazine.

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