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Carrie Fisher, Ridley Scott Star in New Ads for IBM’s Watson

They are both icons of science fiction, so it seems apt that Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher and Alien director Sir Ridley Scott star in new screen commercials for IBM’s Watson cognitive computing service.

In one of the adverts, Fisher leads a support group for robots who, due to their designs on world domination, feel unappreciated by humans. Watson then appears in the group, talking about his abilities to help, rather than hinder, mankind – leading the other automatons to short-circuit in shock.

The other ad sees Scott chatting with Watson about science fiction and its depiction of artificial intelligence. Watson claims to be “working with people every day to find real solutions to real problems”, to which Scott responds approvingly: “That’s good work. Certainly better than world domination.”

Both ads, which were posted to IBM’s YouTube channel today, could help spark more public interest in Watson, which has been marketed to a range of sectors including healthcare and retail.

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