CarWoo!’s Dealer Mobile App Frees Salespeople From Their Desks

BURLINGAME, Calif. and ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — CarWoo!’s Dealer Mobile App is now available for dealerships and their salespeople using CarWoo!’s online transactional marketplace. With this invaluable app, salespeople are now able to respond to buyers in the CarWoo! MarketPlace within seconds, wherever they may be. Currently available for the iPhone, availability on other devices is expected soon.

“Responsiveness is the key to online success,” says Tommy McClung, CarWoo!’s CEO. “Our mobile app is aimed at addressing a common disconnect in the internet sales process – the fact that for consumers, the internet is always on. This app allows salespeople to maintain a connection with customers no matter the time or place. Whether answering questions, exchanging comments, or responding to counteroffers, salespeople can provide prompt service and increase close rates from their mobile device. They can now do everything from their phone that they can do from their desk.”

CarWoo!’s Dealer Mobile App is available for salespeople at dealerships participating in CarWoo!’s Dealer Plus program. Online Car Buyers expect immediate responses and are predominantly online after 7PM, when the typical internet department has already closed. Dealerships that appreciate the 24/7 nature of online selling finally have a simple way to maximize every selling opportunity.

“The mobile app from CarWoo! has really boosted my effectiveness,” says Jeff Aoki, Internet Manager at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. “Now I am able to demonstrate my commitment to these shoppers by always being available when they need me. They want to be online and now I am online whenever they are, no matter where I am. CarWoo!’s Dealer Mobile app is definitely improving my success in the CarWoo! MarketPlace.”

CarWoo!’s Dealer Plus program, which is a prerequisite for the Dealer Mobile App, offers dealers and their staff the following benefits:

— Unlimited access to CarWoo! Buyers

— Buyers ready to purchase now

— The end to “secret shopping”

— Identification and removal of unethical salesmanship

— Online distinction and improved SEO

— Comprehensive training to achieve online excellence


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