Cat Lovers More Likely to be Single, Facebook Study Finds

Cat Lovers More Likely to be Single, Facebook Study Finds

We don’t know whether or not it’s escaped you, but today is International Cat Day – and, to mark the occasion, Facebook has conducted research into how cat people and dog people differ.

One of the most intriguing revelations of the research, which used object recognition technology to look at 160,000 US-based Facebook users who shared a photo of a cat, dog or both on the social media site, is that cat people are more likely to be romantically unattached.

Basing its conclusions on the relationship status specified in users’ profiles, the study found that, while 24% of dog people are single, a noticeably higher 30% of cat people are without a partner. However, contrary to the stereotype of the single and elderly “crazy cat lady”, it was found that cat lovers of all ages and both genders are equally likely to lack a romantic relationship.

Details of the study’s many other discoveries are available to read on the Research at Facebook website.

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