Cellular-Connected MacBooks: In-House Modems by 2028 Apple sets sights on launching MacBooks with built-in cellular connectivity using custom modems.


Apple is moving towards integrating its own custom modem into future MacBook models, potentially launching in 2028. This development, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, is part of Apple’s broader strategy to create more in-house components, distancing itself from reliance on external suppliers like Qualcomm.

Since 2018, the tech giant has been actively working on its own modem technology, initially aiming for a 2026 release. Gurman’s insights, shared in his Power On newsletter, reveal that Apple plans to incorporate this modem into its system-on-a-chip (SoC), enabling cellular connectivity in MacBooks.

The integration of an in-house modem into the SoC could revolutionize Apple’s product range, including the Apple Watch, iPad, and the Mac. This shift is seen as a strategic move to enhance product performance and reduce dependence on third-party suppliers. Previously, Apple had considered a MacBook Air with 3G connectivity, but shelved the idea due to space constraints in the device’s design, a challenge that an integrated SoC could overcome.

In addition to the modem, Gurman highlights Apple’s ongoing projects in developing its own camera sensors, batteries, a combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip to replace Broadcom components, Micro-LED displays, and a non-invasive glucose monitoring system.

These initiatives underscore Apple’s commitment to self-reliance and innovation in technology components, potentially setting new industry standards.

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