Check out the new emoji that could come alongside iOS 15

Unicode has announced its proposals for the next iteration of emoji – Unicode 14.0 – and the team at Emojipedia has mocked up what they think they might look like when they’re added by Apple to iOS 14.

Some of the new emoji coming this year, and likely to be supported in an iOS 15 release in late 2021, include a face that’s saluting, a biting lip, coral, and a low battery. It’s important to note that these are currently draft candidates for the next emoji release. Though it’s not guaranteed they’ll be added, there’s a strong chance.

To celebrate #WorldEmojiDay on Saturday, Emojipedia has mocked up some of the new emoji for iOS.

Stand out options include interracial hands shaking, a pregnant man, a bird’s nest, a driver’s license or ID, and an x-ray. Coral has been added to discuss climate change, a hand with its index finger and thumb crossed serves as a popular gesture in the K-pop community, and a pregnant man recognizes that pregnancy is possible for transgender and non-binary people – another big leap forward for emoji.

Which of these new emoji are you most excited about? Let us know and check back soon for more updates.

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