Check out the stunning Apple Tower Theatre

Apple Tower

Apple last week opened its stunning new Apple Tower Theatre store, built inside of a 1927 theater in LA.

It’s been described as one of the company’s most significant restoration projects to date and serves not only as an Apple Store, but a place to gather, learn and explore. The company has also launched its Today at Apple Creative Studios which is designed to empower and mentor young people in the local area.

Speaking to Variety, Adrian Scott Fine, the L.A. Conservancy’s senior director of advocacy, said: “I think Apple has really struck a balance here, in terms of it still reads as a theater. They’re still telling the story that this was the Tower Theater, but it’s decidedly reinvented and re-imagined as a modern interpretation, taking some of the spaces of the theater and re-imagining those for functionality that Apple typically has with these types of operations. The question is, how do you infuse the Apple brand and everything that everyone knows about Apple and put in a space that is also still its own brand? You see the balance in the attention to detail, both with the modern aesthetic that you find with Apple products, but also the (original) detail of this building.”

Check out the images below and check back soon for more Apple Store news.

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