Chrome and Firefox Browsers in Line for Major Speed Boosts

In September, Google revealed it had developed a new compression algorithm, Brotli, that would allow for faster web loading times. Now, it should very soon be integrated into the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Google has said that Brotli will be capable of compressing data to a 26% greater extent than Zopfli, the compression algorithm that the company published two years ago and has since become widely used for preprocessing web content. Especially excitingly, Google web performance engineer Ilya Grigorik has just revealed that Brotli is “coming to a Chrome browser near you” and at the “intent to ship” stage.

It has previously been reported that the Firefox browser was set to be updated with Brotli at an unspecified point this month. Therefore, users of these browsers, which are both available on iOS and OS X, can anticipate benefitting from noticeably zipper browsing in the near future.

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