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Redesigned Citi Mobile App Optimizes Navigation and Adds Key Mobile Features for Banking and Credit Card Customers

Today Citi launched its redesigned Citi Mobile App for iPhone and Android devices to provide U.S. banking and credit card customers with new and enhanced mobile account management capabilities. New features, a cleaner, sleeker design, intuitive navigation and alerts on-the-go have been added to make it faster and simpler for customers to check balances, transfer money and make deposits and payments. Over time, the new application will go live to Citi customers around the world.

The U.S. launch includes a limited beta test of Citi Mobile Snapshot, a new opt-in feature that enables customers to check deposit and credit card balances and recent transactions without having to log into their accounts. Citi is the first major U.S. bank to offer the feature, which is expected to be rolled out to all U.S. customers later this year. Citi was also the first major U.S. bank to launch a mobile application in 2007.

“At Citi we want our customers to have remarkable experiences in every way they interact with us and manage their accounts,” said Melissa Stevens, Managing Director, Citi Internet & Mobile. “Citi Mobile is a vital and growing channel for our customers, so we have reimagined what mobile banking looks like and produced a new app that is designed specifically for how people bank on their phones. We have added new features and intuitive navigation to make Citi Mobile – the first of its kind when it launched seven years ago – an industry leader again and an even easier way for people to manage their accounts on-the-go.”

New Citi Mobile features include:


	    --  Citi Mobile Snapshot: Citibank and credit card customers who choose to
	        enroll in Citi Mobile Snapshot will have quick access to their basic
	        account information merely by opening the Citi Mobile app. The new
	        feature will help enrolled banking and credit card customers monitor
	        their accounts on-the-go by displaying balances and the 15 most recent
	        transactions without requiring them to log in every time. Information
	        will be shown only for customers who choose to opt in by enrolling in
	        the feature. All account transactions will continue to require log-in
	        authorization. The beta test period is in place to help optimize the
	        feature based on direct customer feedback.
	    --  Advanced Mobile-Specific Design: Citi has received numerous accolades
	        for its uniquely-designed Citibank for iPad(R) app that provides a
	        robust experience specific to the tablet. Designed specifically for a
	        mobile interface, the new Citi Mobile app was reengineered to enhance
	        how customers view and access account information on their phones.
	        Moving away from a sequential navigation, the new app features a fluid
	        single-screen layout that makes navigation by the touch of a finger
	        easier, faster and more intuitive.
	    --  Streamlined Payment and Transfer Options: Customers can utilize
	        simplified menus for payments and transfers, with faster access to
	        popular banking functions like Popmoney(R) personal payment service,
	        which enables users to pay other people directly from their Citibank
	        account, and Mobile Check Deposit, which allows users to deposit checks
	        into their account with the snap of their mobile camera. By simply
	        clicking an icon, a menu now opens all of the potential payments and
	        transfer tasks users may need to complete, making it quicker than ever
	        to check off banking to-dos on the go.
	    --  Automatic Notifications: New push notifications will help customers stay
	        on top of their finances. Citi Mobile customers can now receive
	        account-specific notifications on the status and activity of their
	        deposit and credit card accounts, such as when a check has cleared, a
	        balance has fallen below a set threshold, or a payment is due.
	    --  Expanded Transaction Search Capability: Customers will find it easier to
	        sort and search through their transaction history and edit or cancel
	        scheduled payments.

The Citi Mobile app is available free to download from the App Store or Google Play(TM). A demo video of the app can be found here on Citi’s YouTube channel.The new Citi Mobile app is the latest example of Citi bringing new digital features to customers to help simplify their lives. Forrester Research, Inc. recently ranked the new Citibank Online and Citi’s digital banking services #1 for the second straight year in its January 2014 report: “2013 US Bank Secure Website Rankings.” Citi was cited as standing out for assisted service, providing a wide array of contact options as well as best-in-class social media customer service, and in security and privacy, with succinct and consumer-friendly guidance on identity theft, cyber threats, and email spoofs.

Since its launch in 2011, the Citibank for iPad app, which is now rolling out globally, has been continuously recognized as the industry leader by research consultancies and industry observers. In 2012, Javelin Strategy & Research’s Tablet and Banking Report identified Citi as a tablet banking market leader, pointing to its progressive apps for tablets. And in 2012, the app won a Meffy Award in the Innovation for App category and Gold in the “Best Use of Digital in the Financial Services Sector” category at the Digital Impact Awards.

Last month, Citibank unveiled a new ATM experience in the U.S. that “remember” customer preferences to reduce time customers spend checking balances, making deposits and withdrawing cash. The new ATMs feature quick-touch balance peeks and new on-page scrolling for faster access to more information without requiring navigation to additional screens. Citibank led the introduction and adoption of ATMs worldwide in 1977.


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