Code Hints at New HomePod with Display, Identified as ‘HomeAccessory’ Rumors of a new HomePod with a display have gained traction with recent code references pointing to a new Apple product identified as “HomeAccessory”, which could be the anticipated HomePod.

HomePod Concept
HomePod Concept

Backend code spotted by specialists mentions an unreleased device labeled “HomeAccessory17,1”. This identifier is not currently in use for any existing Apple products, but closely resembles the “AudioAccessory” identifier used for HomePods.

While details on the device’s appearance are lacking, the code suggests it will utilize the A18 chip, expected to debut with the iPhone 16 lineup, and will run tvOS-based software like current HomePods.

This finding aligns with earlier leaks and rumors.

For instance, 9to5Mac discovered references to an unknown Apple device labeled “Z314” running tvOS on an A15 Bionic chip. Additionally, Apple has been testing tvOS on an iPad mini to see how the system performs on an eight-inch screen.

In February, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple was exploring several new smart home device concepts. These included a three-in-one device combining Apple TV, HomePod, and a FaceTime camera, and a HomePod with a swiveling screen.

Rumor: HomePod with Screen Mockup

The most intriguing part of the recent report is the claim that the new device will be powered by the A18 chip.

Current HomePods won’t support Apple’s latest AI features as they require at least an A17 Pro or M1 chip. Therefore, the inclusion of the A18 chip in the new HomePod would enable advanced AI capabilities.

Despite these developments, Bloomberg anticipates that Apple won’t release a new HomePod until 2025.

HomePod 2

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