Colorado iPhone users can now add IDs to Wallet app

Colorado residents can now add their IDs and licenses to the Wallet app on iOS.

The new technology, announced by Apple a couple of years ago, has seen a slow take-up due to the legal complexities of the move. Now, the identification can be added to the iOS Wallet app and will be recognized in the state in the same way a physical card would be for TSA checkpoints at some airports.

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, anyone with a Colorado-issued driver’s license or ID can access the service. Still, it’s important to note that they’re designed to be a companion to a physical driver’s license rather than a replacement.

Residents must carry their physical driver’s license or ID with them.

Apple introduced the technology back in iOS 15, and several states in the United States have begun adopting the scheme, including Arizona and Maryland. Several other states, including Kentucky and Oklahoma, have already announced that they will introduce the scheme in the coming months.

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