Company Investigates Apple Watch “Planned Obsolescence” Claims

Staff at tech site iFixit have claimed that new owners of the Apple Watch won’t be able to rely on their device for years to come. It says that Apple have made sure that the technology the Watch is based on will fall out of use at some point, meaning that customers will have no choice but to purchase new products. The company ripped on Apple Watch open to evaluate before concluding that the “overall device construction limits further repair options”. It says that “basic component replacements look nearly impossible”.

iFixit say that the device has deliberate obsolescence built into it. This means as processors become faster and apps can only be used on newer models, users won’t be able to simply upgrade their device to help it keep up with new trends. Apple has been accused of practicing “planned obsolescence” for a number of years, with critics accusing the company of forcing customers to buy new products.

Experts predict that Apple will, at some point, release a version of their operating system that isn’t compatible with the Watch – even the 18-Carat Rose Gold Case edition. Apple never comments on “planned obsolescence” claims.

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