Could dynamic soundtracks be coming to Apple apps and services?

iPhone playing music

Following Apple’s acquisition earlier this year of the UK-based start-up company AI Music, it has been speculated that the tech giant could be planning to bring dynamic soundtracks to various apps.

AI Music was known for its “Infinite Music Engine”, which the company developed in order to generate bespoke audio solutions for the likes of marketers, creative agencies, publishers, and fitness professionals, drawing upon the potential of artificial intelligence.

The technology is capable of creating dynamic soundtracks that alter depending on user interaction. This, in turn, has got some observers wondering how app developers might use the same tech to create audio based on how someone interacts with their apps.

9to5Mac’s Hartley Charlton, for instance, has suggested that Apple might like the idea of gracing the Fitness+ service with songs that change based on a user’s heart rhythm, and that auto-generated music could even be used in the Photos app, given that the latter already uses royalty-free music to provide a musical background for image slideshows.

Charlton pondered, too, whether the tech underpinning the AI Music “Infinite Music Engine” could even help improve the algorithms of Apple Music.

For now, though, mystery continues to surround the question of how Apple intends to make use of AI Music, which – while its LinkedIn page survives – has seemingly ceased to have an operational website.


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