Could the Pixel 3 be the best smartphone of 2018?

Since the release of the Google Pixel in 2016, Google has been winning the smartphone game. The Pixel 1 put Google high in the ranks of smartphones, especially after the failures of the Nexus phones. The quality and build of the phone and the overall design was shocking as it was a brand new phone on the market.

A Duel Lens World

In a market full of duel lens cameras, Pixel stuck with a single lens set up. This was a bold move on Googles part but it seemed to pay off very well. Portrait mode on the Pixel 2 was the best out of any smartphone. It did not necessarily have the advanced hardware like the iPhone X. The software created the illusion that the hardware was just as good. Front-facing portrait mode on the Pixel 2 beats any of the competition. This is due to the precise edges and the perfectly blurred background. Edges and background/foreground separation is something that other phones get often get wrong. This is all possible due to Google’s advanced AI and machine learning.


Android P was announced earlier this year with a few minor changes. It is typical of Android not to drastically change their UI with letter updates as they do that with bigger numerical updates. The Beta that became available on the Pixel had an option to display a notch on the screen. This hints towards a larger, edge to edge display for the Pixel 3. However, rumours also say that along with the notch there will also be a chin on the device. This leaves many confused since the whole point of putting a notch on a phone is to rid of the chin and any unwanted screen area.

Other rumours suggest that the Pixel 3 will have a RAM boost from 4GB to 6GB which is standard of a 2018 flagship. Screen resolution is also said to improve due to a 1080p screen not being enough compared to other phones in the industry. Google followed in the footsteps of companies like OnePlus and took to Reddit forums to see the suggestions of users from the public. This is odd for such a large company to do but also really good as this could potentially lead to a flagship phone that is almost perfect.

Let’s hope these rumours are true and Google follow through with what the people want. We’re excited to see what Google give us this year. Are you? Let us know on Twitter at @AppleMagazine.

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