Craig Federighi shows off new iPad Pro in video from Apple Campus

Apple’s Craig Federighi has shown off the new iPad Pro in a video filmed at Apple Campus, following Apple’s decision to cancel its rumored March event where it would have unveiled new products and the cancelation of WWDC in favor of a new online-only experience.

The video serves as an alternative to Apple’s usual on-screen demonstrations.

Yesterday (March 18), Apple announced an all-new iPad Pro with a new Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, taking the iPad experience to an all-new level for professionals and everyday users.

Now, Federighi has shared a first-look at some of the new features and explains why the firm decided to introduce a trackpad to the iPad many years after it was first requested.

Speaking in the video, Craig said: “Our goal with iPad has always been to create a device so capable and so versatile it can become whatever you want it to be.

“And that versatility is built on the power of touch. But of course, we give you so many other ways to interact with your iPad, and sometimes you want to type. For typing, nothing beats the Magic Keyboard. It’s when typing that you most appreciate the precision and ergonomics of a trackpad.”

He also talked about making the new iPadOS cursor a round icon rather than a traditional macOS-style pointer, telling viewers that it was “the one most natural for the touch experience,” and that a rounded-edge cursor over a traditional pointer looked like a thumb.

Craig also confirmed that users would be able to do everything with the new trackpad that they would be able to do with their fingers, with Apple introducing new gestures for opening the dock, using Slide Over, and going to the home screen with ease.

Stay tuned for more information on the all-new iPad Pro, and check back soon for rumors on upcoming Apple devices, right here at AppleMagazine.

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