Crazy Cases: Turning Phones into Tools

A phone was once just a phone. Then it became mobile. Then it became smart. Now it seems like there is nothing else for a phone to be except–well–smarter. But smartphone accessories have much to offer that many users have not yet looked into. Cases are becoming more than just protection, more than just practical or stylish: they are turning into appliances. They are turning into tools.

Turn your iPhone into a bottle opener.


This case is manufactured by Opena Case and makes for a cool party trick. The bottle opener feature is perfect for summer–use it at the beach, in a club, or at a barbecue. Opena Case offers another great product: a case that can hold up to three credit cards, some cash, and keys.



Make your iPhone part of your self-defense strategy.


The Spraytect pepper spray case was created by a father, Scott McPherson, who was concerned about his daughter’s safety while in college. He found that many self-defense tools were a) not very accessible and b) not socially acceptable. His solution? Integrate a small canister of pepper spray into an iPhone case so that his daughter always had access to this self-defense tool. Spraytect’s case is discreet and extremely easy to use–a must-have for college students.

Get a “stunning” case for your phone.


Yellow Jacket is in the business of self-defense as well. This summer, the company is offering a case that can function as a stun gun. The stun gun appliance can be detached and delivers a high voltage. It’s slimness and accessibility makes it a great tool to for those who are living in high-risk areas.



Turn your iPhone into a toolbox.


Handymen and gadget lovers will adore the iPhone cases manufactured by Task Lab. The Taskone case features flip-out tools including a knife, an Allen wrench, and a bottle opener, all of which can be locked in place both when in use and when out of sight. MyTask Bike is perfect for frequent bikers and bicycle enthusiasts. A tray full of essential quick-fix tools slides out from the iPhone case for quick, easy access.

There are so many useful and amazing options on the market, why would anyone want an ordinary case? Turn your smartphone into something that you’ll value during emergencies and at social gatherings. Don’t settle for just a pretty phone case. You’ll thank yourself later.

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