Critics Applaud New MacBook Air’s Bigger Screen: A Review Compilation The new 15-inch MacBook Air, recently revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023, has sparked buzz in tech circles. Balancing familiar specs with a larger screen and an upgraded sound system, Apple's latest laptop iteration is turning heads.

The new MacBook Air 15 Inch | AppleMagazine #607

The unanimous verdict from tech critics points to the 15-inch MacBook Air as an unrivaled consumer laptop, primarily due to its larger display.

Wired lauds Apple’s initiative to provide a bigger screen on a consumer laptop without breaking the bank. It extols the model’s streamlined design, outstanding display quality, superior sound system, and adequate performance for routine tasks. Despite these benefits, Wired criticizes the device’s elevated cost and limitations concerning ports and support for more than one external display.

The Verge praises Apple for catering to consumer demand: a bigger screen on a reasonably priced laptop. It highlights commendable features like an exceptional trackpad, extensive battery life, and superior performance. However, it does point out a few negatives such as limited ports, the impossibility of upgrades, and the laptop’s increased size.

In its review, TechCrunch labels the MacBook Air a “creature of sacrifice”. While appreciating the expanded screen real estate and improved streaming experience, it argues that the increase in size reduces portability. It further observes the absence of Face ID, mini-LED display tech, and additional ports, and notes that the laptop still operates on an M2 chip instead of an upgraded M3 variant, despite its premium price.

Meanwhile, Dave2D acknowledges the 25% increased screen area and improved audio quality, but voices concerns about the compromised portability compared to the previous 13-inch MacBook Air.

MKBHD, otherwise known as Marques Keith Brownlee, likens the 15-inch MacBook Air to Tesla’s Model Y, predicting that users will be drawn to the laptop due to the larger screen. This, he argues, provides a MacBook Pro-like experience for almost half the price, making it a compelling choice for consumers.

Finally, Andru Edwards views the new MacBook Air as a scaled-down version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. He believes its remarkable display, typing experience, performance, and battery life will cement its popularity among consumers.

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