Crowdfunding Underway for Windows 10 Mobile Handset, Moly X1

While customer demand for Windows 10 Mobile handsets seems utterly tepid, that hasn’t stopped one phone vendor, Coship, seeking crowdfunding for such a device through a campaign on Indiegogo.

The phone in question, the Moly X1, has underwhelming specs, to say the least. It features a Snapdragon 410 processor and 5.5-inch 720p display – and, while it comes with Windows 10 November Update, there’s good reason to believe that it won’t get updates for anything beyond that…

That’s because, as MSPoweruser has observed, Coship has not enabled users of the Moly X1 to install Windows 10 Anniversary Update on it. Other reputable manufacturers have allowed this for their devices, which doesn’t bode well for the Moly X1’s software support lifecycle.

While the price range that Coship is attaching to the Moly X1 – $179 to $229 – isn’t exactly hefty, it could still be considered expensive given the phone’s few saving graces. The casing’s design isn’t hugely inspiring either, as you can see from the video below…

Nonetheless, if you still aren’t put off adding to the funding pot for this device, which you can arrange to have shipped to an address in the US, Canada, Australia or the European Union, you can click here to reach the campaign page on Indiegogo and learn much more about this Windows 10 Mobile handset.

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