Curb your overspending with these money management apps

If, like many of us, you’re not the best at keeping track of your day-to-day spending, it might be time to download some money management apps to help you keep your bank balance in check.


Goodbudget (Free for Web, iOS and Android)

This is an ideal app for those looking to set financial goals with the envelope budgeting method that many people are already familiar with. Goodbudget will allow users to sync a budget between mobile devices and the web, setting aside money in virtual envelopes, so that you can choose exactly how much you need to set aside each month for certain expenditure. It can sync up to 5 devices at a time, making it perfect for families, and enables you to see your transaction history up to the past 5 years. This app is also well-suited to those who don’t tend to get a regular paycheck, by giving you the option of envelopes that you can contribute to whenever you can.



Mint (Free for iOS, Android and Windows)

This is a popular app that syncs up all your accounts from your current account to mutual funds to your IRA. The well designed user interface makes it easy to organize your finances into a way that lets you see the bigger picture. Through monitoring your money and giving you real-time cash flow updates, it analyzes your spending habits to help you pinpoint areas where you could pinch some pennies. Mint also allows you to set up alerts when your balance gets a little low.


Prosper Daily (Free for iOS and Android)

Prosper Daily, formerly known as Billguard, has a ton of features to get you started with your money management. Some of the features it includes are a recurring chargers tracker (for subscriptions etc), credit score checker and real-time alerts for potentially fraudulent charges. The app also includes advanced protection from ID theft with credit monitoring, black market surveillance and SNN fraud alerts.


HomeBudget ($4.99 for iOS and Android)

With this integrated expense tracker users can track everything from income, expenses, bills due/paid and account balance. It also offers great support for budgeting, allowing an analysis of your spending through easy to follow charts and graphs. One of the defining features of HomeBudget is the Family Sync option which allows a number of devices within the same household to work together to a single budget by sharing expense and income information.





Fudget (Free for iOS and Android) 

Those looking for a no-frills app to keep track of their income and outgoings should look no further than Fudget.
With a simple user interface, you can create lists of incomings and expenses by easily tapping to edit and starring to create a repetition for future budgets. This is definitely an app that’s built for simplicity and great for those who aren’t looking to assess charts and graphs regarding their spending or their budget. One creative aspect of Fudget, however, is the ability to create budgets for very specific reasons and this can involve anything from saving up for a new TV or keeping track of how much you spend on burritos every month.



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