Customers left in the lurch by apparent demise of smart home company Insteon


It appears that just before the Easter weekend, the Irvine, California-based home automation firm Insteon suddenly went out of business. Reports over the last few days indicate that the business has shut down its servers and isn’t responding to customer requests for support, leaving them with smart home devices that no longer function.

Stacey Higginbotham of Stacey on IoT reported that she had received “reports from dozens of Insteon users that as of Friday [April 15], their smart home hubs have stopped working.”

She added that none of those who had reached out to her had heard from the company, and that she had attempted to contact Rob Lilleness – the president and chairman of Insteon’s parent company, Smartlabs – but had not yet heard back.

Various signs would seem to indicate that Insteon has gone for good, instead of a temporary outage being to blame for the abrupt loss of service. The company’s servers, for example, have been down for days with no apparent acknowledgement of this from Insteon, while the online ‘community forum’ also seemed inaccessible when we tried to load it. The firm has also failed to respond to customers enquiring about the situation on social media.

In addition, with the servers being down, the Insteon app now doesn’t work at all.

Insteon was noted for offering a variety of smart home products, including hubs, thermostats, and plugs. Many Insteon devices – including the range-topping Insteon Hub – were compatible with Apple’s HomeKit software framework.

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