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Cyber Monday deals – what to look out for until midnight

Black Friday is behind us, and Thanksgiving is over for another year. However, Cyber Monday will be in full swing for a few more hours, with even more opportunities for you to save money on your tech before the holidays. Here are a few top tips on how to get the best deals on Apple tech for the next few hours.

2018 Macbook Air

You probably wouldn’t have expected to see the latest in light, sleek Apple laptop design to hit the sales this year – but it has. Shop around online, and you will find savings of between $100 – $150 for the next few hours.

Apple Watch

Unfortunately, the recently released Series 4 joins the latest iPhone designs in not being part of any Cyber Monday deal. However, the Series 3 Cellular version is being significantly reduced on Amazon for the rest of the day.


Since Black Friday, one of the best deals of the entire weekend has been the 2018 10.5 inch iPad pro, which has been available with $100-$150 discounts, or in-store gift cards of similar values. The iPad Mini 4, although now three years old, has also been reduced to less than $400.


If you’re in the market for a new laptop, the latest MacBook Pro is available directly from Apple at $1249, but for an extra $50 you will be able to get a $200 gift card elsewhere, if you shop around. Similarly, iMacs and iMac Pros will be sold at close to retail price, but with tempting gift cards to sweeten the deal until midnight.


You’re unlikely to find Apple’s Autumn releases reduced anywhere today, but the iPhone 8 and 7 series will give you some reasonably priced options. Taking on a new cellular contract will reward you with the biggest reductions, or gift cards, but you’ll also be able to find a non-contract device for between $449 – $699, with $50 gift cards thrown in.


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