David Attenborough Narrates Season 2 of “Prehistoric Planet”, Now Streaming on Apple TV+ The immersive CGI docuseries, "Prehistoric Planet", is back for its second season on Apple TV+. The series continues its journey through the life of dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Prehistoric Planet Season 2 | Apple TV+

Prehistoric Planet employs a unique approach to the documentary format, adopting computer graphics similar to those seen in series like Planet Earth to depict dinosaur behavior accurately. This docuseries, instead of focusing on dramatized battles or invented Tyrannosaurus roars, emphasizes realism by basing all dinosaur activities on the latest scientific research.

Apple invested heavily in the series to ensure the creatures are as realistic as possible, utilizing the same CGI technology that was employed in the live-action adaptation of The Lion King. The series is narrated by renowned nature presenter David Attenborough, lending an authentic touch as if the footage was real.

Prehistoric Planet Season 2 | Apple TV+

The second season features species such as Majungasaurus, Velociraptor, Tarchia, Pachycephalosaurus, and Triceratops.

Apple TV+ can be accessed via the Apple TV app, which is available on several platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV set-top box, smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick, and Roku. Android and PC users can also access the platform using a web browser at tv.apple.com.

Prehistoric Planet Season 2 | Apple TV+

Prehistoric Planet is exclusively available on Apple TV+. To watch all episodes, users can subscribe for $6.99/month. The first episode of the new season is available to stream for free, requiring no subscription.

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