Delivery: Is there an app for routing multiple addresses?

Is your team feeling worn down during the daily grind of a sales or logistics job? Is it the result of sloppy planning, torturously slow routes, and poor time management? Maybe terrible traffic and manual route planning take your team a long time to get where they need to be. 

Cost overruns and low sales are two consequences of inefficiency that occur frequently. Thus, a multi-stop route planner is the answer you’re looking for. It will make your team’s day more manageable and efficient and increase their sales opportunities. One example of this is using the Route4Me route optimization software, wherein you can save time and improve multiple routes in just a few seconds.

There has been an increase in cost-effective route planning tools due to the pandemic. It eliminates the necessity of navigating through a map while attending to many addresses, which can be a very troublesome task. Conversely, you can enlist the assistance of a well-known route planner, which we have listed below as some of our top recommendations.


You can use Route4Me to locate the fastest way to your destination by simply entering your zip code. Ten routes per month are included in the app’s free version. However, you will need a monthly or annual plan if you want access to all routes.

The route planner is straightforward to use, and providing turn-by-turn directions significantly reduces the stress of navigating a map. By using an Excel sheet, users can quickly and easily import addresses.

Route4Me provides cross-platform functionality and route planning in 60 seconds, but it also manages route customization for multiple drivers simultaneously, provides GPS tracking, and collects data from drivers.

Google Maps Route Planner

Most people, especially those who use it for personal purposes, are well-versed in Google Maps. It’s an excellent tool for getting you from one location to another. As a result, it’s becoming a valuable tool for people who want to monitor traffic patterns in real-time and identify emission hotspots.

The complicated part occurs when your route requires the addition of more than one stop. Even though organizing a route with multiple stops might be a time-consuming process, Google Maps makes it possible to do so in minutes. You have the option of managing numerous stops to optimize the shortest and quickest path.

However, there are limits to how many multiple addresses you can add to Google Maps. Ten addresses can be entered at a time, including your starting location. Therefore, if your route includes more than nine stops, you may use Google’s My Maps to create a master list and determine which stops are closest.

Upper Route Planner

For several drivers, Upper Route Planner is a fantastic multi-stop route planner which enables them to construct the most efficient routes possible. If your delivery business has a lot of drivers and a lot of places to go to in one day, this is one of the best things you can use. 

This route planner can also create routes for delivery and pick-up personnel and sales representatives on the road in various industries. Furthermore, In terms of routing software with multiple or unlimited stops, Upper Route Planner is the best choice because it can plan and accommodate up to 500 stops simultaneously.

Speedy Route

You can use Speedy Route to plan a delivery route with multiple stops, even if you only have one vehicle or a whole fleet. To get the most out of Speedy Route’s premium service, customers can plan routes with an unlimited number of stops. 

Users of Speedy Route can plan delivery routes for as many vehicles as they want. If you need to make multiple stops, this route planner will figure out the best path to bring you back to your starting point. Driving directions are also provided for every stop on your route.

My Route Online

To plan and optimize the fastest delivery route, trucking, logistics, and last-mile companies should consider MyRoute Online. This software includes dispatch management, work order management, fuel management, mileage tracking, and territory management capabilities.

Planned and optimized routes can include up to 350 stops. Only an Excel spreadsheet is needed to import the addresses.

Routes can be optimized based on user preferences to reduce the distance traveled or the amount of time required to plan the trip. Instead of just saving routes online, they can also access route animation for viewing routes and enable delivery tracking for each driver, among other things.

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