Dell has gone all out with their newest monitor – bragging an impressive 8K resolution. The UP3218K has a 32-inch display, and aluminum construction and pristine display quality that equates to 16 Full HD panels.

The monitor has been said to be the equivalent of having four 4K resolution monitors stacked on top of each other, with a full resolution of 7680 x 4320. This 33-megapixel monitor is apparently capable of displaying 1.07 billion colours.

Don’t be so quick to pull out your wallets, though. This behemoth of a monitor is going to set you back a cool $4,999. General Manager for Dell Alienware Frank Azor stated that the monitor was geared towards graphics, photo and design professionals that want to get the absolute top level of detail in their work.

The world has barely had any time to allow 4K resolution to become the norm and already we’re getting 8K resolution offerings. Dell has made the first step, with the only other 8K competitor being Sharp with their 27-inch IGZO prototype monitor. At this point 8K monitors seem commercially unviable, but if this monitor finds its audience we could bear witness to a new generation of pristine, fully-defined image quality.