Developers can now have their apps unlisted in Apple’s App Store

App Store on iPhone 12 Pro

The App Store now allows developers to distribute unlisted apps, meaning only users with a direct link will be able to access them, as set out on Apple’s developer website. While it isn’t possible for the general public to find unlisted apps through search results, App categories, charts or recommendations, administrators can still access them via Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

Developers who already have apps on the App Store can apply to make their app unlisted. Once the form has been submitted and the application approved by Apple, the app will switch to unlisted using the same URL.

Unlisted apps must be ready for final distribution; Apple had said it will not approve apps that are still in the beta test or pre-release stage.

Apple has cited as examples of apps that could be good candidates for unlisting, those intended only for use by specific organizations or at special events.

It would seem that this development should greatly help declutter the App Store, meaning users are no longer forced to sift through quite so many irrelevant corporate apps whenever they perform a search.


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