Developers reportedly moving away from Mac App Store Many of them are choosing to bypass the Mac App Store

A new report suggests that developers are moving away from the Mac App Store.

Although the closed nature of iOS means that all apps need to be delivered to the App Store, it’s a different picture on the Mac, with developers able to distribute their software in whichever way they see fit. However, many of them are choosing to bypass the Mac App Store.

Apple launched the Mac App Store back in 2010, but developers are reportedly now less interested in using the platform for their apps. An AppFigures report found that the number of new apps being added to the Mac App Store has been declining since the beginning of 2021.

Back in January, more than 400 new macOS apps were added to the store, but by June, that figure had dropped to just 300. It’s thought that August 2021 saw just 200 apps added. By comparison, around 392 apps were added to the Mac App Store every month last year.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this isn’t just a fluke, and that development on new macOS apps has slowed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but developers on the ground tell a different story. Many are reportedly dissatisfied with the Mac App Store, as Apple takes a 30% commission from every sale, and there are long waiting periods between app review times.

The launch of the new M1 Mac did create some excitement, allowing developers to port their iOS apps over to the Mac, but it seems like this on its own has not been enough to boost sales.

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