Differences between Octopus CRM & Dripify LinkedIn automation tools

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While creating an automation strategy for LinkedIn, one question that arises in every user’s mind is, which is the best LinkedIn automation tool? Unfortunately, users often get stuck between the two most popular tools; Octopus CRM and Dripify. There are different alternatives available for Dripify in the market, but Octopus CRM is definitely not one of them; they both have unique characteristics and differ in many aspects.

When we talk about Octopus CRM and Dripify, one of the major differences between these tools is that while Octopus CRM is a one-stop solution for LinkedIn automation designed specifically for business owners, marketers, and recruiters, Dripify is one the most useful LinkedIn automation tool when we look from a salesperson perspective. Dripify helps the salesperson to prospect and close deals more than ever before.

Now, what do you think? What is the current need of your business? Do you want to close more deals, or right now you are focused on recruiting and marketing? Not able to figure it out? Don’t worry; it is very common for users to be confused about which tool they should go for, as often most businesses try to achieve both goals simultaneously, hence this confusion. 

We understand this situation. Hence we are here with all the information required to help you decide which is the best tool for your business; let’s take a look at what these tools are and their purposes, and who wins this battle of Octopus CRM vs Dripify.   


Dripify is the most advanced cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool for agencies, recruiters and small businesses. Dripify was primarily created to generate potential leads. However, it has some great capabilities that are bound to help you develop an impactful lead generation campaign on LinkedIn. 

Most of the automation software can only be operated by technical geniuses, but not Dripify, and this automation tool is extremely easy to use. Even if you are just a beginner, you will never have difficulty using this tool. 

Also, it has a simple and easy-to-use interface, explanatory training videos, and extremely friendly and cooperative customer service. Overall, anyone can utilize Dripify for their organization. Entrepreneurs, marketers, and social media managers can use this tool without difficulty. 

It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is. Whether you are an owner of a small business or are a multinational company CEO, everyone can use Dripify to grow their business on LinkedIn. 

So, if you want to create a LinkedIn sales strategy that is not just flawless but also effective and impactful, Dripify can help you achieve this goal. Though Dripify is a bit more expensive than other LinkedIn automation tools, it’s worth the price. Dripify automation tool is packed with advanced analytical tools which provide the user with meaningful data.

Dripify is very effective because of the features like the automated sales funnel, which helps you in funneling out the leads that have actual potential and can be converted into a sale. But before funneling out the potential leads, you are required to have leads in the first place, and Dripify knows this very well; therefore, it also possesses a feature that helps you with lead generation. Other features include third-party integration, LinkedIn messenger tool, team management on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn group administration. 

All of these features help you a lot to increase the number of sales of your product or service, and a well-organized and secure algorithm manages all these features. 

Dripify pros & cons

Dripify is one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools among users, and there are many reasons behind it. Let’s take a look at those features.

  • The campaign creator of Dripify is very user-friendly and can be utilized by even a beginner. 
  • Dripify’s tracking feature helps you track your teammates’ performances, conversion rates, and other important stats and data. 
  • Dripify’s team collaboration feature is very useful for an organization with a certain number of employees.

Nothing in this world is perfect, nor is this tool; just like any other thing that exists, it also has some flaws that should be kept in mind before investing in this tool.

  • The Mobile version of Dripify does not exist. Hence it becomes very difficult to operate it while you are traveling. 
  • Dripify does not provide you with an email template, so you have to do everything from scratch to send a personalized email to your followers. 

Octopus CRM

Often people consider them both as similar tools and mistake Octopus CRM as a Dripify alternative, which is a totally wrong statement to be made. Octopus CRM  is businesses’ most popular LinkedIn outreach automation tool to send connection requests in bulk, automated messages, and import LinkedIn profiles. Octopus CRM autopilot for LinkedIn is capable of automating almost any task that is performed on LinkedIn. With this tool, every task can not just be performed automatically but is also centered on one dashboard and a single command center.

Although this tool is useful for enterprises of any size, it is said to be best for organizations recognized as small businesses.

Freelancers also prefer this tool over any other LinkedIn autopilot, as most of their lead generation depends upon the marketing done on LinkedIn. Just like Dripify, Octopus CRM also has significant performance metrics and tools utilized for collaboration, which can be shared with anyone in the office. It also contains campaign management which is utilized to edit and personalize projects.

As Octopus CRM contains CRM in its name, it could be mistaken for CRM software, but it is not at all CRM software. It could be considered more of a LinkedIn lead finder, which the user can automate to make it run by itself. Once the software finds potential leads, you can export those leads to the CRM.   

Octopus CRM pros & cons

Let’s first look at the advantages that make this tool worth purchasing:

  • With the help of Octopus CRM’s advanced search filters, you can find potential leads by inputting specific search terms like skills, company, etc;
  • Octopus CRM has an extremely helpful customer support team, which is available for you 24/7;
  • This completely automated software helps users to increase their presence on LinkedIn;
  • Want to make sure that the tool is useful before investing in it? They also got free trials to help you get assured first;
  • This tool is highly secure; it does not ask for your LinkedIn credentials, and you have full control over the account;

No matter how attractive the advantages may sound, it would be best if you never ignored the cons that a particular tool can have. Hence, before making your final decision, let’s look at the disadvantages of Octopus CRM.

  • Though this tool has very good potential, its editing flexibility is still limited;
  • The training videos are provided to you along with the tool, but those videos are not special as they do not provide you with all the required pieces of information;

Choosing between Octopus & Linkedin

One of the unique factors of the Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool that gives it an advantage over other automation tools is the personal multi-functional CRM page on which you can store the leads and manage them accordingly. You can also perform automated actions, build a funnel for sales, and create marketing campaigns.

Apart from a personal multi-functional CRM page, other features that make Octopus CRM the perfect choice include: Lead scoring, Lead nurturing, Automated outreach campaigns, Contact management, Multi-Account management, Automated outreach campaigns, Campaign performance, and stats tracker. Moreover, it is one of the closest Dripify alternatives. 

Choosing between Octopus & Dripify

  • One of the most crucial reasons to choose Octopus CRM over Dripify is its affordability. Octopus CRM has a simplified and affordable pricing structure, making this tool a great option for users who are just getting introduced to LinkedIn automation tools;
  • Although Dripify has a clear interface, it lacks the proper navigation that often confuses the users, making it a bit less attractive from a newbie’s perspective. But Octopus CRM has a very clear, easy-to-use interface, along with proper navigation. This navigation problem may be subjective, but if navigation is not proper, a tool may lose a number of users who have been recently introduced to all this automation game;
  • As Octopus CRM is a plugin, connecting your LinkedIn profile to the tool is way faster and easier. The dashboard of this tool is also very attractive, which may not be helpful technically, but it is definitely helpful psychologically. The blue icons make the interface very clear and easy to understand and go perfectly with the white background;

So, who is the winner in the battle of Octopus CRM vs. Dripify? Well, let’s answer this question: the Linkedin automation industry is still in its infant state, and new tools get introduced in the market every year or two. Octopus CRM is one such tool, and this tool is best for beginners and small businesses. Also, Octopus CRM is best for businesses currently looking to increase their sales.

This tool can be very useful when you are concerned about increasing your reach and want to generate maximum leads that can be your future customers. Overall, CRM is a very good solution for LinkedIn automation efficiency, which comes at a very affordable price.

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