Director Explains Why the Taj Mahal is Destroyed in Pixels

The latest Adam Sandler movie Pixels has been poorly received so far – but does include, among its visual spectacles, the destruction of the iconic Taj Mahal by alien invaders. So, what led director Chris Columbus to include this extraordinary scene so early in the film?

Columbus, whose previous films include Home Alone and Mrs. Doubtfire, explained that he pictured the hugely celebrated mausoleum in the northern Indian city of Agra when working on the adventure’s special effects. The movie follows a team of former champion arcade gamers who battle alien attacks that are using big digitalized recreations of legendary arcade game characters.

Speaking to the Press Trust of India at an event in Mexico, Columbus clarified: “When these ‘pixelized’ characters come to life, there is a certain edge to them. They are lit from within and they are hauntingly beautiful in a weird sort of way.” He added that he sought to depict “insanely ‘pixelised'” destruction, for which the Taj Mahal seemed ideal.

Though he called the much-visited structure “the first real iconic thing to get destroyed in the film”, Columbus emphasized that his decision to include it “had nothing to do with whether it was India or anywhere else. I just thought it will look really cool and awesome”.

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