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Disney+, Future can Be Bright for Apple

Why Apple could be the biggest benefactor of Disney+’s November launch

It’s official. By the time Game of Thrones’ long-awaited winter has come and gone for the final time, many fans of entertainment streaming services will be eagerly anticipating a new major development in the fall of 2019. Last week, Disney confirmed the long awaited news that its own streaming service, Disney+, will officially hit our screens and devices this November.

Looking set to challenge Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and regular satellite and cable TV, Disney already boasts a back-catalogue of favorite shows and movies that many families won’t mind spending a little money on. With every movie and series in the Star Wars catalogue, plus the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) soon to be exclusive to Disney+ subscribers, that’s just two immensely popular franchises you’ll no longer find on any other streaming service […]

Read the full article this week at AppleMagazine #390.

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