Disney+ Integrates with Hulu for One-Stop Entertainment App In a move set to redefine home entertainment, Disney has announced an impending overhaul of its streaming services, melding Disney+ with Hulu into a single, seamless app.

This development promises to simplify the viewing experience for subscribers, who will soon access a treasure trove of content through one unified platform. The initial version of this integrated app is slated to arrive in beta form next month, marking a significant step towards streamlined digital media consumption.

The concept of merging these two streaming giants was first revealed by Disney CEO Bob Iger, with the intent to eliminate the hassle of navigating multiple apps for bundle subscribers. Currently, the Disney+ and Hulu bundle offers a diverse array of programming, yet requires viewers to juggle between two different applications. This integration aligns with Disney’s strategic efforts to provide a cohesive and user-friendly service.

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Details on the new app’s pricing remain under wraps. However, the present bundle, which combines the ad-supported versions of both services, is available at a monthly fee of $9.99, with an ad-free version priced at $19.99. During the recent fourth-quarter earnings discussion, Iger confirmed the company’s plans to initiate the beta launch in the U.S. this December, with a full-scale release anticipated in spring 2024.

This announcement follows Disney’s decision to take complete ownership of Hulu by agreeing to buy Comcast’s shares for a sum exceeding $8 billion, thus paving the way for a more consolidated streaming platform.

Additionally, October saw Disney raise the prices of both Disney+ and Hulu’s ad-free versions — now at $13.99 and $17.99 per month, respectively — as part of its revenue enhancement strategy.

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