Disney movie purchases being upgraded to 4K on iTunes

Apple has begun upgrading Disney content purchased on the iTunes Store or Apple TV to 4K for free, and is letting customers know via an email.

The emails will alert users to the fact that their titles have been converted to 4K HDR for free, a nice benefit for movie collectors.

Last week, Disney movies on the iTunes Store were converted to 4K in both the United States and Canada, allowing Disney fanatics to purchase a new higher-definition version of their favorite movies.

From Toy Story 4 to Frozen, most of the company’s titles are updated.

Apple first introduced 4K content to the iTunes Store back in 2017, and at the time said that customers who had already purchased a movie would be able to receive a free upgrade to the 4K version as and when it becomes available.

It might be three years late, but now it’s finally possible to own the 4K version of Star Wars movies from the iTunes Store.

Previously, movies purchased from the store were only offered in HD quality.

The introduction of 4K movies comes at a time when Disney+ is breaking records, offering consumers access to thousands of hours of premium content from Disney – including movies.

Upgrading movies to 4K on the iTunes Store, however, could entice some users to make the switch from the streaming service back to owning individual titles, especially when the company runs promotions and offers movies from as little as $5 during holiday periods.

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