Disney secures new partnership with Apple for their #DreamBigPrincess campaign


As part of their #DreamBigPriness campaign, started in 2017, Disney has now partnered with Apple and hopes to inspire young women around the world to create digital shorts.

Each video will be shot on an iPhone X, and edited on a MacBook Pro using Final Cut Pro X, and the filmmakers will participate in a unique workshop where they will receive hands-on training from Apple technical experts. Apple is giving 21 young women the opportunity to create content about women who have inspired them.

“Each aspiring filmmaker will be paired with an inspirational interview subject spanning a diverse range of professions. The young women will capture the stories of these incredible individuals, along with their advice for achieving success. Academy Award® Winner Jennifer Lee is just one of the talented women who will be featured in the series.”

Jennifer Lee commented that the stories of Anna, Else and Moana inspire children to dream big. She comments that this “is at the very heart of what all of us at Disney do”, and this new campaign as an extension of that vision.

This is not the first time Apple and Disney have worked together closely. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was in fact once in charge of Pixar and he became Disney’s biggest individual shareholder when they took over Pixar.

The completed shorts are expected to be released in October.

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