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Disney teams with Apple to for Star Wars Force Friday

If you’re a Star Wars fan we’re sure that you’ll be jumping for joy at the news that Apple has teamed with Disney to let you use your iPhone to see AR versions of the movie’s most famous characters in Apple Stores.

The technology will work in the same way as Pokemon GO with virtual characters like Rey and Chewbacca appearing in the app when you look around the location through your iPhone. You can even take photos with them. Android users can also take part in the fun, but only iPhone users will be able to shoot video.

As well as Apple Stores, other retailers that will take part include Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart and AR characters will differ depending on the place and even the day.

Collecting the characters will unlock digital goodies such as video clips and character-based Emoji but to get these you’ll have to download the Friday Force Collectibles app on the App store.

The event will take place between midnight PDT (3am EDT) on September 1 and run for three days. As for the movie, that won’t hit screens until December 15 but you can watch the official teaser trailer here:

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