Don’t get caught out by new Apple robocall scam

Consumers are being warned not to fall for a new fake call scam, claiming to be from Apple Support.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission issued a statement yesterday (December 3) that scammers had been using robocalling to collect data on consumers, such as their credit card details, Apple ID account passwords, and other sensitive information from Apple users.

The calls begin by asking users to follow prompts, which then lead to them having to give away personal information. The idea is, the caller believes they’re receiving an automated customer service call from Apple, and they need to hand over their information for security.

Indeed, users are told that there’s suspicious iCloud account activity or a breach on their account. A similar scam involves Amazon, claiming that users’ packages have gone missing.

FTC officials have told consumers to ignore the instructions and contact Apple or Amazon via legitimate telephone numbers or customer service channels on the and website or app.

If you’re suspicious of a caller, hang up and call them back.

Have you received one of these scam calls? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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