Don’t know what to stream on Apple this weekend? Here are a few suggestions!

The pandemic seems to be nearing its end and theaters around the world are slowly opening. And while bigger titles are returning to their usual theatrical slates, streaming services are still releasing some great films and shows as we speak and if you’re not a fan of movie theaters or just want to stay at home and watch something on your Apple device, we have a few suggestions that might interest you for this week.

Australian TV show The Dry is currently available on Apple TV+ and if you like a good, old-fashioned detective/police procedural show, we definitely recommend it. Apple describes it as follows: “Based on the bestselling Jane Harper novel, the imperfect yet undeniably intriguing Down Under mystery features Bana as a federal agent returning to his hometown, where it hasn’t rained in nearly a year and he still wouldn’t be welcomed even with a sprinkler. An old pal and his family are dead as part of an apparent murder-suicide, and the visiting cop takes the lead on the investigation, which brings up a cold case that still haunts him from his childhood.”

Another movie that you might enjoy on Apple TV+ is Mads Mikkelsen’s Riders of Justice, which Yahoo describes like this: “Those who enjoyed Mikkelsen’s last film, the excellent Oscar winner ‘Another Round,’ are bound to love this other genre-exploding delight. The usual revenge thriller gets a mighty tweaking in this action dramedy starring Mikkelsen as a deployed Danish soldier who has to return home to take care of his daughter after a tragic train accident kills his wife. But when some math nerds show up saying there might be some foul play afoot, our grieving hero sets violent sights on a high-profile street gang.”

If you prefer to be scared, Apple also offers some chills and thrills on the Teen horror Seance, or, if you prefer a more mature horror story, you can check out Sound of Violence, a movie compared to the famous Saw franchise.

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