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Dropbox now has drag and drop support for iPad

Dropbox’s latest update on Tuesday included a few new features for the iPad-centric iOS 11, including the ability to drag and drop files between folders and other apps.

This is the most notable change in the update as it allows users with iPads running on the most up to date iOS software move files around both Dropbox and the wider iOS ecosystem without any, arguably frustrating, in-app UI cues or share sheets. Users can now simply perform a tap-and-hold gesture on a file, drag it to the desired location and let go to drop it in place.

Drag and drop is part of a major UI overhaul that shipped with iOS 11. It mimics the file management features that are common to desktop operating systems, in a strong bid to enhance the iPad’s multitasking toolset. In addition to files, which can be selected in bulk during a multitouch drag and drop operation, apps can be dragged and dropped into their own multitasking view.

The latest update also features full-screen file navigation for the iPad, allowing users to see longer filenames when they collapse the preview pane. What’s more, advanced security features let users grant access to restricted files on their mobile device whether it be an iPhone or an iPad. Now, when colleagues request access to a secure file, a push notification is sent to the document’s administrator to allow for quick and easy authentication.


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