E-commerce Solution SkyMode Integrates Web-Based Apple Pay

E-commerce Solution SkyMode Integrates Web-Based Apple Pay

The e-commerce platform SkyMode, which enables retailers to let customers buy products with a single tap on a mobile device, has announced its integration of web-based Apple Pay.

The cloud-based SkyMode is helping businesses to encourage greater sales on mobile. These firms can promote product offers via email, social media and text message; the customer can then quickly buy with use of SkyMode’s one-touch purchase technology.

Reducing the friction that can hinder the online shopping experience is, of course, something that Apple Pay is also intended for. So, it shouldn’t surprise that SkyMode has keenly embraced the service, which has quickly become popular among online payment platforms.

While SkyMode’s integration of Apple Pay could help both businesses and customers to more efficiently deal with money, there are many other ways in which Apple devices can be used to this end. We detail some such methods in the cover article of today’s new issue of AppleMagazine.

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