What on earth is ‘Trumpy Cat’?

If you follow George Takei on Twitter you’ll know that, like many, he isn’t Donald Trump’s biggest fan. Now, for our entertainment, he’s turned his distaste for the President into an augmented reality app called House of Cats.

Build in partnership with Montreal-based development company BMAD, users can act with animated animals like Trumpy Cat (based on Grumpy Cat), Meowlania, Vladdy Putin, and Lil’ Rocket Pug. They can add their own voice recordings, superimpose the animals into real life environments, and take photos with them.

When you tap Trumpy Cat, he plays back recordings of Trump’s voice – including some of the most outrageous statements the President has made. When asked about his inspiration for the app, Takei simply said “The Internet loves a combination of politics and cats.”

TechCrunch then spoke to Takei shortly after Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin.

“No augmented reality could have created the true reality of what we saw this morning: Donald Trump standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Vladimir Putin … his denial of the attack on the core activity of our democratic system.”

He added that humor is a key ingredient to getting a serious message out to the world and has pointed to his embrace of memes as one of the main drivers of his popularity on social media, which has given him a larger platform to talk about his political views.

The app costs 99 cents but there are plans for a paid subscription once it is launched. Some of the profits of the app will go to Refugees International.




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