EC-Council CEH certification: Hidden secrets you didn’t know about passing the CEH exam with Exam dumps

In late 2016, Yahoo announced that they had been the target of a data attack, in what came to be known as one of the major data breaches in history. Apparently, the hackers managed to access almost all of the active 3 billion user accounts by then, which compromised their value. This is just one of the many data breaches witnessed over the years with most of the popular corporations such as eBay, Uber, and Target Stores all falling victim at some point. 

According to ExamSnap annual data breach study, a single data attack can cost a company a whopping $3.29 million. Add to the overwhelming effects this might have on the company’s smooth operation and you will see why more and more organizations are prioritizing the security of their systems today like never before. 

So, how is it like to become a certified ethical hacker? Are these individuals ever trustworthy? 

Here’s a look at the Certified Ethical Hacker certification from EC-Council, one of the most popular Cybersecurity credentials for aspiring security professionals.

What’s the role of the CEH Credential?

The CEH certification reinforces three important ideas. Firstly, it is the minimum requirement for serving in the information security industry. Attaining it shows that an IT professional is well-equipped to manage the potentially harmful security threats their organization might face in the wake of a malicious attack. 

Besides, this credential lays the standard for confirming the knowledge and skills of a security professional. Getting certified will validate if a security professional understands the vital ethical measures that are associated with their career path. 

Lastly, the CEH credential sheds light on the hacking field. It portrays hacking as an autonomous profession that should be a priority for many IT departments.

What is it like to become a Certified Ethical Hacker?

A certified ethical hacker has permission for “hacking” in a legal way and for acceptable reasons. These professionals have top-notch cybersecurity skills and can detect vulnerabilities in specific systems before formulating the appropriate practices to mitigate the same. 

Literally, certified ethical hackers perform all their actions with a legitimate intent and unlike malicious hackers, prioritize the needs of the companies they serve. 

Given the changing nature of the cybersecurity domain, professionals saw it fit to invent a way of validating their skills and give them the best shot at thrashing the attackers in their game. Thus, the Certified Ethical Hacker certification from EC-Council was created.

What should you know about the CEH Certification?

The CEH credential from EC-Council lays the benchmark for information security operations. Granted, this certification provides all the tools you will need to secure your system from illegitimate access. 

To best highlight your skills, you should proficiently possess several skills that are commonly measured by the CEH badge. These objectives include the following:

  • The concepts of Ethical Hacking, Footprinting and Reconnaissance;
  • Scanning Networks and Vulnerability Analysis;
  • System Hacking, Hacking Web Servers, Web Applications, Wireless Networks, and Mobile Platforms as well as IoT Hacking;
  • Malware Threats, Honeypots, Firewalls;
  • Cloud Computing, Social Engineering, Cryptography among others.

Visit the EC-Council website to see the whole list of topics so as to make your preparation complete.

Who should pursue the CEH Certification?

The CEH certification is a suitable option for all individuals working within the information security domain at least two years and looking to protect their target systems from illegal access. However, it would be great if you are a holder of a recognized cybersecurity job title such as a site administrator, a security officer or an auditor.

Registering to CEH exam, you’ll have to go through the application process and prove your experience and skills. But the candidates who take the special training course (online or offline) will obtain all the necessary information and so won’t have such a prerequisite. The only one which applies to all the trainees is the age 18 and above.

What’s involved?

Obtaining the CEH certification from EC-Council entails passing one exam (the CEH assessment or 312-50 v10) in addition to fulfilling the stipulated work experience requirements. You will attempt 125 multiple choice questions in 4 hours. This exam can either be taken from a dedicated testing center or through online scheduling via Pearson VUE. Its cost varies depending on applying with a proof of experience or after taking a preparation course as well as on the exam platform you choose. So, devote some time to find the most suitable variant on the official website.

What are your career prospects?

Cybersecurity is well-paying. And as you may be aware, the CEH credential is one of the basic requirements when you want to serve in one of the top cybersecurity positions. 

Getting certified clears your path to serve in several positions including Penetration Tester ($91k), Security Analyst ($74k), Security Engineer ($95k), and Cybersecurity Analyst ($85k) among the rest. The salaries provided in brackets are an average annual pay for such professionals with the CEH certification according to the PayScaleresearch.

How hard is it to pass the CEH exam?

Perhaps you are already aware that the CEH exam is one of the most challenging cybersecurity tests. Apparently, this is true. Imagine getting into a new field and the first requirement is to take a complex 4-hour long exam, with 125 questions to attempt. It can be tough. So, to boost your chances of passing the test, apart from official training get some additional study materials from reliable sources. 

Start your preparation by visiting top websites with a proven track record of supporting certification exam candidates. By this, we are talking of dependable sources such as YouTube, Amazon, and ExamSnap. 

ExamSnap, for example, offers free exam dumps to help you see the actual questions and find out their correct answers. On this website, you can also download the CEH Premium Bundle ($39.97) which consists of an expert-proved vce file, a training course, and a study guide.

One more tip to pass your test with ease is closely related to the dumps — this is the VCE Exam Simulator used to open the files in the vce format. It allows exploring the exam environment while training, create your own tests and monitor your progress due to the detailed reports on every taken test.

Cybersecurity threats are more expensive than you could ever imagine. And it’s unsurprising that many companies are willing to hire security professionals who can secure their valuable assets and pay them more. If you’ve always wanted to jump into the security field, then the digital era presents the perfect opportunity to do so with the CEH certification. Start your preparation with exam dumps from ExamSnap and pass your test with flying colors. Ready to polish your skills and see what you can offer to your company? Let’s get started right away!

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