Embarking on Some Fun Summer Sightseeing with Apple Maps

Embarking on Some Fun Summer Sightseeing with Apple Maps

Now is a good time to start planning ahead for your summer vacation, but where will you visit? There are so many awe-inspiring sights around the world – and, for help with planning your getaway this year, you can readily sample many of these great places through use of the Flyover feature in Apple Maps.

A quick introduction to Flyover

Flyover allows you to effortlessly scroll through intricate 3D computer-generated recreations of select global locations in the Apple Maps app on iOS devices and Macs. Unlike with the similar Street View function in Google Maps, repeated tapping or clicking is not necessary for scrolling through the environment – meaning that various places can be explored wonderfully quickly and effortlessly. This can be a particular godsend when you’re out and about and using a mobile device to figure out where you are.

So, which parts of the world look especially good – to our eyes, at least – with the Flyover treatment? Here are just a few which have caught our eye during use of Apple Maps.

One of the cultural calendar’s hottest dates is in San Diego

If you’re intent on visiting this year’s San Diego Comic Con, which will take place at the San Diego Convention Center from Thursday, July 21 until Sunday, July 24, you might want to thoroughly clue yourself up on what the venue looks like from the outside – and, obviously, where exactly it is in the city. Apple Maps can come in very handy here, especially for people who have never visited this venue or convention before.

Embarking on Some Fun Summer Sightseeing with Apple Maps

The Paris that Napoleon wanted you to see

If, on the other hand, you’re hankering after travel abroad, the French capital city of Paris is hard to beat. History buffs in particular might want to see the Arc de Triomphe, the huge monument commissioned in 1806 by the then French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, to honor the French army, which had scored successive spectacular victories in the Napoleonic Wars.

Embarking on Some Fun Summer Sightseeing with Apple Maps

Berlin: from Cold War division to modern unity

Another European capital rich in fascinating history is Berlin. One of the city’s most enduring architectural icons, the Brandenburg Gate, loses little in the computer-generated translation to Apple Maps, as you can see by our screenshot. Originally erected in the late eighteenth century, the structure is today a national symbol of peace and unity following the division of Germany and Berlin during the Cold War.

Embarking on Some Fun Summer Sightseeing with Apple Maps

There’s no matter if none of the locations mentioned here take your fancy for summer travelling. There are plenty of other places which you can explore through Flyover – and, of course, these locations are far from the only ones worth considering actually visiting…

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