End of an Era: Apple Infinite Loop Store Shuts Down Apple has announced the permanent closure of its historic Infinite Loop retail store in Cupertino, marking the end of an era for the company's original headquarters store.

Apple has confirmed the impending shutdown of its Infinite Loop retail outlet in Cupertino, California, scheduled for January 20.

This store, a part of Apple’s history since the mid-1990s, is closing its doors as the company continues to evolve. The Infinite Loop location, once the central hub for Apple’s operations until the Apple Park headquarters was inaugurated in 2017, will now transition its employees to other roles within the company. Sources have indicated that many of these employees will be relocated to nearby Apple stores, including those at the Apple Park Visitor Center and Apple Valley Fair.

In a statement shared with MacRumors, an Apple spokesperson reflected on the store’s legacy: “After many years of serving customers at our stores in the Bay Area, we plan to close our store at Infinite Loop.” The spokesperson assured that all team members from the store were being offered roles elsewhere within Apple. The company also emphasized its commitment to customer service at other locations, including the Apple Park Visitor Center, as well as online platforms like Apple.com and the Apple Store app.

Coinciding with the Infinite Loop store closure, Apple is also shuttering its Royal Hawaiian store in Honolulu on the same date. Despite these closures, Apple continues to expand globally, having opened new stores in several countries and extended its online store to new markets like Chile and Vietnam this year.

While the Infinite Loop retail space will no longer welcome customers, the Infinite Loop campus remains active, housing corporate employees of Apple. A notable feature of the campus, the main building’s atrium, is currently undergoing renovations slated for completion in early 2024.

Originally opened in 1993 as The Company Store, the Infinite Loop store started as a unique venue selling Apple-branded merchandise. A 2015 renovation transformed it into a traditional retail space, showcasing Apple’s array of products, though it retained a selection of merchandise like t-shirts and mugs. Known for its smaller size and lack of certain services like Genius Bar appointments, the store has been a cherished site for Apple enthusiasts worldwide. Despite its popularity, the opening of the Apple Park Visitor Center in 2017 overshadowed Infinite Loop’s allure.

The Apple Park Visitor Center offers not just a traditional retail experience but also unique features like a Caffè Macs coffee bar, a rooftop patio, and an augmented reality model of the Apple Park campus. It also sells a distinct range of Apple-branded merchandise.

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