Apple has shared an advert for its revamped and redesigned new MacBook Pro, which likens the machine’s dynamic Touch Bar to various significant inventions throughout history.

The ad is titled “Bulbs” on Apple’s YouTube page – and we do see lengthy lines of exploding lightbulbs as the commercial progresses. However, along the way, we also catch glimpses of milestone inventions including fire, trains, the typewriter, the television, robotics, and space flight.

It’s certainly a very mysterious way for the video to unfold. However, towards the end of the 1 minute 38 second running time, we get to see the new MacBook Pro, with its Touch Bar being used to play back and forth through a video of – what else – an exploding lightbulb.

Also appearing near the ad’s end are the lines “Ideas push the world forward” and “Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come”, making clear Apple’s confidence in the Touch Bar’s future influence.

The Touch Bar, which can display different commands and functions in accordance with the software in use, is already supported by various Apple apps, as well as a number of third party apps.