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It seems everywhere you go today someone is on an iPhone or iPad. Apple not only helps us with our work, but it influences our lives on a daily basis. PixelMags is now excited to offer AppleMagazine on Readr for all their Apple loving users.


AppleMagazine is not your traditional tech magazine, it’s a weekly magazine offering a fresh global view of Apple and its influences on our lives, filled with Apple news, reviews and trends. Stay updated with the most relevant news of the week pertaining to Apple, such as new products, Apps, acquisitions in the industry and highlights about the digital world. Readers can also find useful guides and reviews about the latest Apple gadgets, products and software that can help make everyday life easier.


Visit Readr today and download AppleMagazine to get a jumpstart on your favorite Apple products!

by PixelMags on June 21, 2013

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