Evidence Emerges That iOS 10 Will Add Health App to iPad

On iPhone and iPod Touch, the stock Health app is great for bringing together an abundance of data about the user’s health in one place. It’s exciting, then, to see fresh evidence that Apple could bring the app to iPad in a future build of iOS 10, which is currently in beta.

While the Health app has been a feature of the other two iOS device lines since the arrival of iOS 8 nearly two years ago, it has long been omitted from the iPad. That has been a bizarre strategy, considering that many health-based apps can prove just as useful on tablets as the more handheld devices.

However, a member of the MacRumors forums, with the username ps3zocker, has reported that “the Health app on iOS 10 and 9.3 contains icons for iPad”. They have also posted the Health app icons – and, indeed, the iPad is mentioned in the filenames of six of those icons apparently sourced from iOS code.

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