Explore new locations & secrets in the ‘New Pokemon Snap’!

Explore new locations and secrets in the New Pokemon Snap!

Pokemon has grown out to be one of the largest gaming franchises in the world. I have been playing Pokemon since childhood and throughout all these years, Pokemon has come a long way. One of the unique games that I have ever come across in my entire gaming life is Pokemon Snap. And that’s because it’s not a game but more like a relaxing adventure that takes you through the life of Pokemon, in their natural habitat.

New Pokemon Snap

One that’s not taken over by any team rocket or us, making them fight with each other. You are just there, admiring the beautiful environment while taking pictures of the natural moments that you come across. I just can’t believe it’s been over two decades since the first Pokemon Snap was released, we really have come a long way and I just can’t help but notice some of the features that the new Pokemon has brought with it!

New Pokemon Snap

New vs. Old 

The new Pokemon Snap game has received a lot of positive feedback from the enthusiastic fans out there. It’s been over two decades but it’s finally here with Bandai Namco’s classic spin-off. And the new players just can’t have enough of the game already, there are so many different Pokemon for them to explore, new locations to visit and admire, and new secrets to unravel in the New Pokemon Snap’s Lental zone. 

Older fans (not unlike me), on the other hand, can’t help but remember what’s been left behind as they immerse themselves in the New Pokemon Snap game. A few outdated game elements have been updated, such as Pester Balls being replaced with Lumina Orbs, of course, the graphics are way better than the first one, as it’s been decades since the old Snap was released and also some of the UI has been reworked to make things easier for taking the snaps or editing them.

While, we are seeing a ton of new updates to the game be it the graphics, new Pokemon, new location, better UI, smooth gameplay and so much MORE! There still are a few things that the new Snap has left behind to make it more suitable for the new audience, I think.

New Pokemon Snap

And evolution is one of the things that new Snap has missed out on, something that’s considered to be the backbone of Pokemon. The Pokemon can only be seen in their natural state, with some being evolved. However, there are plenty of other visually stunning features introduced in New Snap for players to photograph, including a slew of Legendary Pokemon, much like Pokemon Go.

New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap is already casting the magic on the fans and they just can’t have fun of it! If you are just starting out, check out some of these great deals on similar titles including TemTem and many more to get you up and running!

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